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Enjoy this new music CD from Gypsy Dance Theatre

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Gypsy Dance Theatre's "After Dark" - We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest recording project, the music CD "After Dark." Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered, this CD is packed with rhythm, melody, harmony, and boundless energy. Order your copy today.

Kristen Jensen and Terrence Karn Featuring the musicians of Gypsy Dance Theatre

Dedicated to our Dancers - The music of Gypsy Dance Theatre is born of the dance. The songs on “Into the Light” were composed and/or developed specifically for our diverse dance performance numbers. Some songs support strictly-choreographed routines, while others are created as launching points for improvisation. Thus it is our pleasure to dedicate this recording to our dancers; the wonderful women of Gypsy Dance Theatre. Thank you Alla, Amaya, Anastasia, Farasha, Katia, Kira, Mafe, Nula Luna, Sereen, Soraya, and Zara. You are our joy, our inspiration, and our musical artistic visions made beautifully visible.

Choreographers and Performers - We have always tried to make our Gypsy Dance Theatre performances a place of welcome and ongoing artistic exploration. We invite you to use our music in your performances and to set new choreography to our songs. Please provide music credit, and send us a video of your work.

A World of Thanks - "After Dark" was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Bundrick of Bundrick & Sons Music Company. Steve is a musical maestro. We thank him for all of his talent, knowledge, hard work, and creativity. Our gypsy hats are also off to Tsura for her wonderful multi-track violin playing, and to Brett Needham for handling all of the secondary recording. This project could not have been realized without them. We also wish to gratefully acknowledge our wonderful audiences, the photographers who so graciously share their talents, and the many superb guest dancers and musicians who have graced our stage over the years. A big “Opa” to all of you!

"After Dark" by Gypsy Dance Theatre
Title Composer Credit Duration
01 - The Band We Be Jammin' 2:30
02 - Nula Luna     (lyrics) Ken Knezick 3:40
03 - Soraya's Snake Dance Ken Knezick / Terrence Karn 5:44
04 - Chaje Shukarije Traditional Romany Song 4:16
05 - Evening in Kirlandia Kristen Jensen 2:49
06 - Mystique 4:47
07 - Mornings With You Kristen Jensen / Terrence Karn 6:12
08 - Gypsy Sisters' Journey 4:25
09 - Miserlou Jam Traditional 3:40
10 - Amaya Ken Knezick 3:13
11 - Aziz Leyla Traditional 3:34
12 - Russian Winter Waltz Kristen Jensen / Alla Rozenberg 2:48
13 - Free Fall Terrence Karn 3:16

Taras and Steve Bundrick

Credits and Acknowledgements

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