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Djelem Djelem - Roma (Gypsy) Anthem
Romany English
Gelem Gelem lungóne droménsa,
Maladilém shukare (baxtále) Roménsa.

A...i, Romalé!
A...i, chavralé!

A Romalé katár tume áven,
E tsarensá baxtále Roménsa?

A...i, Romalé!
A...i, chavralé!

I travelled and travelled far and wide
I met handsome (happy) Gypsies

Oh Gypsies
Oh my lads

Oh Gypsies, where do you come from,
With tents on happy roads?

Oh Gypsies
Oh my lads

Under the title "Opre Roma - Onward Gypsies," an adaptation of this old song was adopted
as the Roma Gypsy National Anthem at the World Romany Congress held in London in 1971

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