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Ancient Rhythms and Dance for the 21st Century

Gypsy Dance Theatre -
2915 Manila Lane, Houston, Texas 77043
Phone: 281-467-7263
Ken "Tulo" Knezick, -or- Terrence "Taras" Karn,

Experience Gypsy Dance Theatre and let your own gypsy spirit fly free!

Drawing upon a rich tradition of artistic expression, Gypsy Dance Theatre's motto is "Ancient rhythms and dance for the 21st Century." Composed of a group of highly spirited, and multi-talented, professional entertainers, Gypsy Dance Theatre invites its audiences to tap into the muse of the quintessential Gypsy spirit. Incorporating music, song, dance, and humorous theatre pieces, their shows include influences from many of the world's diverse ethnic cultures. Audiences will be charmed and entertained with the fire, beauty and grace of a Russian-born Gypsy princess, the passion of a sensuous oriental belly dancer, the manly acrobatics of a sword-wielding Cossack, and musical styles ranging from Spain and Eastern Europe to India and Asia. Creativity and improvisation insure that no two shows are alike. Beneath it all runs a current of powerful rhythms and music performed on everything from violin, bamboo flutes, Turkish clarinet, accordion, mando-cello, and vocal harmonies, to tribal drums from Africa and the Orient. By design, creativity and improvisation insure that no two Gypsy Dance Theatre shows are alike. Experience Gypsy Dance Theatre and let your own gypsy spirit fly free.